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Do you pay your leaders for their content knowledge, or their ability to learn, to think new ways, to sift through the information overload and decipher what’s relevant and to make good decisions quickly?
Do you want them to embrace flexibility of thought and actions whether they lead Baby Boomers or the new Generation Y to success?
You are not designed as an island (and many leaders believe they are all about their actions and ideas) - we are a social animal designed to work in tandem with actions of others.

As you read this you’ll be wondering about the many leadership fads you have seen come and go and you already know there is a place for interesting models and theories at times but is that enough?
Are you thinking ‘How do I bring more of the authentic me, my intuitive inner-compass to the way I lead and connect with my people?
How do I truly engage with others in a way that is congruent with my real thoughts, true wishes and deep needs?
Is each one of my team showing up to work with their full brain and multiple intelligences engaged and congruent, or am I squandering my greatest asset and my only true competitive advantage?

I find useful to tap in some recent developments around the brain - it hasn’t changed in 10,000 years - that influence human decisions, behaviours and interactions to get more from your people and more from your work and your life that is aligned with your core ‘you’.

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