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Have you ever noticed how any other mineral, plants or animal form seems to easily go along with any mutation, transformation nature intended, be it a tree losing leaves or a snake shedding its skin?

For humans transformation is easy if it’s self-led and hugely complex if it is a requirement driven by others around you.

How much are you preparing to lead people through transition? Being a transformational leader (there is a difference in leading for change and leading for stability) goes beyond managing the new strategy, goal or project plan.

Whether you sit them through a logical explanation and the ‘emotional change-curve’ powerpoint or you label them ‘ negative’ for voicing concerns and fears, until each individual successfully transitions from the old way to the new way, the change won’t happen successfully.

With the current speed of change , how beneficial would it be to master building shared values and relationships so that adapting quickly is the way you do business ? What if you could build continuous flexibility and resilience as a leadership competency?

Contact me if you need support to map out the most appropriate route for your journey through the muddle that can be a transitional period of change.

"People don’t resist change, they resist being changed."
Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline