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I am a Personal Development & Leadership Change Coach, Organizational Training and NLP

What's Your Quest?

I offer a wide range of coaching to help you achieve your full potential.

Personal Development Coach

Neuroplasticity, perhaps the most revolutionary finding in modern neuroscience, is the brains…

Leadership & Org Change

People are often exposed to prolonged and extreme stressful experiences, the more chronic stress, the more…


We all have a personal understanding of our own wellbeing, how we feel about ourselves and our life…

Why choose me?

Why exactly should you choose me as your consultant?

I know how to get results, I follow through, I challenge the status quo, my clients talk about me to others, I am flexible and I truly respect we are all different, I understand frustrations and behaviours, I’m approachable and professional, I follow ethical codes of practice, I will learn from you.