What's Your Quest?

Personal development coach...

Neuroplasticity, perhaps the most revolutionary finding in modern neuroscience, is the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. Not only does it change from one day to the next, it changes from one moment to the next. (Potentially people are walking around with an outdated model of their own potential)

This informs my work as a Personal Development Coach, it provides the foundation for opportunities to rewire the brain and adapt our thinking (beliefs and attitudes), emotions (mindfulness and resilience), and behaviour (new healthy habits) and truly transform for lasting change.

Personal Transformation: Know your value

Revisit the assumptions you hold about your life and what really matters to you, optimise your inner-talents first and then build mindsets and abilities that impact your confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, empowerment and results to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Business / Career: Self-Reflection

It is inconceivable for a sports professional not to engage with a coach, that precious thinking and evaluating your preconceptions about your abilities and talents and creating self-awareness, can really turbo-charge your focus, competence for that next move, self-belief and confidence in making a major change.

Leadership & Organizational Change

In a brain that is constantly pruning connections while making new ones, repeated, purposeful, and focused attention can lead to long-lasting personal evolution. The brain changes as a function of where an individual puts their attention. The power is in the focus. I found that tapping in some recent neuroscience developments and the ways in which the brain plays tricks and predisposes people to resist some forms of leadership and accept others, has a significant impact on the outcomes of the bespoke learning solutions I create to meet your challenges. For humans transformation is easy if it’s self-led and hugely complex if it is a requirement driven by others around you.

Leadership Training and Change Initiatives: Lead Self to Lead Others

It may be new capabilities or developing an autonomy and flexibility of thought and actions in transition times, or emotional intelligence and their own resilience to create a healthy workplace, or shaping a growth mindset as they inspire change, or developing an ability to bring others to focus their attention on specific ideas, closely enough, often enough, and for a long enough time.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Training: the manual for the brain

NLP derives from the study of successful people and how they do excellence. NLP has powerful and long lasting applications for communication, relationships, decision making, self-confidence, beliefs, fears and stress. You can experience remarkable results and maximize your potential when you look beyond behaviour.

Brain Friendly Learning: training in the way people want to learn

Wanting to be a learner-centred place of work goes hand in hand with ‘how do we learn at the speed of change?’ Taking the best from Neuro Linguistic Programing, Accelerated Learning and Neuroscience principles, Brain-Friendly Learning speeds up the design and creates learning in harmony with the brain. This can revolutionize your training department. Given the small capacity of working memory, many small bites of learning, digested over time, may be more efficient than large blocks of time spent in workshops. A study of public-sector managers by Baruch College researchers (G. Olivero, K. D. Bane, and R. E. Kopelman) found that a training program alone increased productivity 28 percent, but the addition of follow-up coaching to the training increased productivity 88 percent.


We all have a personal understanding of our own wellbeing, how we feel about ourselves and our life, whether things are going well. This changes over time, it’s not a static thing, and we can practice and strengthen wellbeing, just like learning to play a musical instrument or ride a bike

Address your Stress

When you are stuck and ruminate without finding a solution, you are strengthening your brain neural connections around that problem, making it seem increasingly impossible to solve. In the same way, stress and anxiety can spiral out of control. Learn your body’s natural threat response signals to embrace and manage those responses.

Trauma Informed Coaching

Trauma changes our brain chemistry, it rewires our brain and nervous system. I can support you to safely explore and enhance your use of healthy self-resources and survival strategies and work with you towards post-traumatic growth, I will respond within a coaching frame and not cross boundaries into therapy.

Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories™ (RTM) Protocol

This emerging evidentiary medicine treatment, which does NOT involve relieving the trauma, has high rates (90 %+) of symptoms reduction in complex (PSSi) military PTSD and eliminates symptoms (Nightmares, Flashbacks and related emotional problems) in 3 to 4 sessions.